Advent begins at Catholic-Link! Join us on the adventure of Malik and his family in search of Peace

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Have you heard the Good News? An angel announced to the Blessed Virgin that a child would be born. A child will come to give His life and bring peace to the world. How can this be true? I’m not sure how this could be.  I’m not sure but it’s a big deal because Malik, the shepherd that we all know and his family, have also received a visit from an angel and they’re on their way.  Before parting, Malik confessed that at first they were afraid, but when the angel told them to start their journey so they could be present at the birth of the “Prince of Peace”, Malik tells me he recovered immediately and his heart was filled with joy. In Syria there’s a shortage of peace, and you don’t hear promises of that nature too often.  The angel wasn’t very clear-he told me-but Malik believed him and started on the crazy journey of finding this holy child with his family, this little prince of Peace.  Who is this little one that will be born of a Virgin and sends angels to invite families of shepherds on this journey?  Is he the Messiah we’ve been waiting for?  or a prophet?  Could he truly bring us the peace we desire?  I guess we’ll have to wait on Malik so he can answer all our questions…or would it be best if we went on this journey together with Malik and his family?


We have just introduced you to Malik and his family, the Syrian family that will guide us on our Advent journey. In this Advent season, we want to immerse ourselves in the story of Malik and his family as we begin, along with you,  a journey to encounter the Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace.  The world we live in is full of violence and conflict, which is why we at Catholic Link have decided to focus our Advent activities on Peace.  There is a deep yearning of every man, woman and child for Christ to come and bring the peace and understanding that only the He can bring into their hearts.  

Malik and his family symbolize precisely this hope and desire for peace that all people living in war – not only in Syria, but in the whole – world seek to attain. The serenity and joy that only an encounter with our Savior can bring is what we all desire. During this Advent we invite you to reflect on, share, and spread the peace of Christ as we walk alongside Malik and his lovely family.  Catholic Link will present a series of small actions or challenges in order to break through the chaos and disarray of our culture so that our hearts are full of peace and prepared to receive Christ on Christmas morning.  Malik and his family will lead us as they themselves embark on a great journey to discover peace.

We invite you to accompany Malik, his family, and their pastor in this pilgrimage that they themselves have called “The Road to Peace”.  Help us to share this adventure and bring this gift to others!

Road to Peace

Keep Searching, Keep Learning

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