Fame, Fortune, And…Faith? 11 Catholic Celebrities

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Is it possible to be a Catholic and a famous actor, musician, or athlete? Living out the teachings and values of our Catholic faith is not an easy task for any of us. Imagine how difficult it must be to maintain one’s faith while being in the paparazzi spotlight and public eye at all times.

We’ve put together a list of celebrities and athletes who proudly align themselves with the Catholic faith. Although they are not perfect and clearly not without their weaknesses because they are in the public eye many people follow their lead and look to them as examples. In this day and age we must help young people identify men and women who are attempting to live a life rooted in Christ while trying to live in a world that doesn’t always support the values they adhere to. We need role models.

Continue to offer prayers for these people, that they would remain strong in what they believe and that they would use their fame to encourage others to turn to Christ.

Fame, Fortune, and…Faith? 11 Catholic Celebrities

Discussion guide for your apostolate:

1. These celebrities have faults just like you and I. How might our culture’s obsession with publicizing sin and mistakes influence a celebrity’s choice to put their faith on display? How is this different from God’s idea of mercy, grace, and forgiveness?

2. What should be our attitude towards those celebrities who identify themselves as Catholic? It is clear that we must be wary in proposing them as models when their lifestyle is not always so modelic. However, we suggest that instead of indicating all the reasons to put their Catholicity in question, we would invite others to think like an apostle. If you were to meet one of these celebrities, what would you say, how would you speak to them and try to lead them to Christ?

3. It seems that more athletes are willing to stand up for their beliefs than actors, actresses and singers. Why do you think this might be? Do you think Catholics are discriminated against in pop culture?

4. Though it is fun to identify Catholic celebrities, the Saints are much better suited as role models for the faith. Who is your favorite saint? What inspires you about them?

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