How Far Is Too Far? Answers To Teens’ Toughest Questions On Dating And Sex

by Love and Relationships, Sexuality and Chastity

In this high school assembly, Jason Evert and Crystalina Padilla (not yet married at the time) offer straight answers to teens’ toughest questions on dating, relationships, and how to have romance without regret. Through their humor, honesty, and powerful testimonies, the duo provides compelling reasons to pursue a life of purity, regardless of one’s past.

This is definitely one of the most amazing talks I have ever heard, and I think every teen should watch this. As I said to a friend who asked me about the film , “You know those really awkward sex videos where they try to scare you into thinking sex is bad and dirty? This is isn’t one of them.” (quote and description provided from YouTube).

Here is a comment on YouTube from one of the youths that attended:

“He came to our school and talked to the junior high in the church today. Everyone was so surprised. We all thought we’d be bored out of our minds sitting in the Church for an hour. We all loved it and my friends and I were so surprised about everything Jason said about us girls were true. I thought that adults wouldn’t understand how we would think about things and I laughed while learning what I thought I had already known. The whole talk change my life” (Mary Claire).

Also check out these sites for more info and where to buy the DVD.

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