Encourage Girls To Treat Each Other As True Sisters In Christ

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Notorious for gossip, jealousy, and obsession with appearance, women are poorly and stereotypically portrayed in popular culture, especially when it comes to our relationships with each other. Movies often have a set of “mean girls” or stage the plot around a romantic interest that tears friendships apart.

Catholicism, however, teaches that girls should seek to emulate Mary, Our Mother.  Mary’s example of friendship with her cousin Elizabeth is what we should look to as our example in how we treat the women in our lives.  Women are the crown of creation and it is a gift to have a bond of sisterhood.

As we seek to imitate the Queen of Heaven, girls are called to edify one another and support one another in all circumstances. We are called to be One Body in Christ, which makes us all family.

The women in our lives should be treated like our biological sisters – with love, respect, and care.  Putting aside competitive attitudes and petty behaviors can not only lead you deeper in your relationships with other women, but also with Christ.  When you are struggling in a relationship, pray that you might see and love your sister as God does.  Put her needs above your own and commit to praying for her daily.

Studying the women of the Bible will help you understand how to better relate to different women and treat them as you would a sister.

To uphold the dignity of your sister is not an easy task at times, but it bears much fruit for both of you.  We have great strength when we unite together instead of letting evil tear us apart.  The witness of the joy and devotion in our friendships is a great evangelistic tool in our culture.

Remember the words that Jesus said, “Anyone who does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother” (Mark 3:35). Thank God for the sisters who have shown us the value of sisterhood.

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