A Beautiful Video Of Dominican First Professions And Receiving The Habit

by Consecrated Life

The Dominican Order was canonically established in the year 1216 by Pope Honorius III. Named after their founder, St. Dominic, they claim the official designation is the Ordo Praedicatorum (O.P.), or, in English, the Order of Preachers.

Various mottoes characterize Dominican spirituality, or their charism: Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare (To praise, to bless and to preach); Veritas (Truth), and Contemplare et Contemplata Aliis Tradere (To study and to hand on the fruits of study (or, to contemplate and to hand on the fruits of contemplation, taken from the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae.

This lovely blog goes deeper into the ins and outs of novice life of Dominicans. The Catholic Encyclopedia cites the Order’s canonical Constitutions: “Our order was instituted principally for preaching and for the salvation of souls.” The end or aim of the order then is the salvation of souls, especially by means of preaching.”

What is a “First Profession?”

Q: What vows do novices take during simple profession?

A: Novices profess a simple vow of obedience to the Prior Provincial and his successors, who stands in place of the Master of the Order. This vow of obedience also implies vows of poverty and chastity for Dominican Friars. Simple vows are made for two years, at which time vows are renewed for another two years. (Source: O.P. Central, opcentral.org)

Are you interested in learning more about a vocation with the Dominicans?

Dominican Vocations in the UK

Blackfriars, Oxford, UK

O.P. Vocations, Eastern Province USA

Southern Province USA

Central Province USA

Western Province USA

Dominican Vocations, Canada

O.P. Vocations, Australia

O.P. Vocations, Philippines

A Map of Dominican Residences around the world.

For Women: The Nashville Dominicans are not the only ones, but they’re awesome!

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