Dear Men, Don’t Be Afraid To Be Pro-life

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No Uterus No Say

Ever heard someone say “No uterus, no say” about abortion? Well, as this video satirizes, this is an actual argument—a very flawed argument trying to support abortion.

Though there are other people to whom this may apply, such as women who have had hysterectomies where their uterus is removed, but mostly this argument is attempting to keep men out of the conversation.

Men, especially Catholic men who are called to believe in the human dignity of every person from conception until natural death and truly be a partner to women, have a say, and it’s more than just an opinion. Men, you have the duty to defend the life of the unborn and the life of women and fatherhood and the family life.

Overwhelmed? Well, if these things weren’t being attacked from so many angles, it might seem easier, but we are not called for an easy life. Society is sick; help save it! This is your time to shine and support those in need. Millions are dying.

Like the video explores, we are all expected to be anti-slavery, whether we are slaves or have slaves. The same logic should and does apply to all other injustices. This is a human rights issue, and we are all human. Perhaps, if we expected men to speak up and stand up about abortion, men would be more involved in greater numbers to support families in need, mothers struggling, and each other to keep families together.

Here are some simple things men should do to fight this criminal manipulation of women.

12 Things Men Can Do To Be Pro-life

  • Be abstinent. Wait for the true commitment of vows in sacred marriage, therefore not risking pregnancy with someone you should truly love who might be in a position where she or you are tempted to abort.
  • If you weren’t abstinent, head to confession and know that fatherhood is not the sin. Celebrate life. Change your ways. Ask for direction from a spiritual mentor.
  • If a friend admits to being pregnant or causing a pregnancy, acknowledge that he or she should be married but also acknowledge that the new life is a blessing. Pray with them and help explore what they need to continue on as parents.
  • Be strong enough to speak up. In casual conversations. In voting. In debates. In college classes. Don’t be a coward. Say it: Abortion is wrong!
  • Don’t ghost as a father, uncle, father-figure, or other important masculine influence in someone else’s life. We need fathers. We need men. As much as woman are capable of making the worst situation work if they need to, men should not use that as an excuse to walk away from their responsibilities.
  • Dating someone pro-choice? Without being that overbearing pressuring boyfriend, have open conversations about the issue. It should be very close to your heart and bearing witness to that will help change her mind, even if you don’t stay with her forever.
  • Volunteer at pro-life organizations. Become the next successful pro-life politician.
  • Join a big brother program for kids who need a positive role model.
  • Already married? Can you adopt? Can you put an infant safety box in your town? Foster care?
  • Transform your heart. Are you able to show love to unmarried parents? Are you teaching your children to be abstinent or also judge people in less than ideal circumstances? Can you respond with an understanding heart, firm in the truth but able to meet others where they are at regarding abortion? Do you separate sex from reproduction in your mind?
  • Don’t forget the dads! Celebrate fatherhood. Seriously, not just on father’s day. Start a dad’s group. Be authentic. Keep up with relationships with other men, especially the father figures in your life. Men get postpartum depression, too. Men become overwhelmed, too. Be the support that keeps people going rather than running away.
  • Put on the armor of God! Be brave in the face of being called misogynistic when you’re pro-life. It’ll probably happen, even though you’re trying to help and end the horror of abortion plaguing society. But, be gentle and firm, strong and steady.

Yes, you are a man. No, you can’t biologically become pregnant. But, no, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion about abortion—you have the truth, and the truth is that abortion hurts families, disempowers woman, destroys fatherhood, and kills a baby.

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