We’ve Found Your New Favorite Catholic Vlogger! 8 Videos from Emily Wilson on Happiness, Dating, and Chastity

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We’re a big fan of Emily Wilson’s ministry here at Catholic-Link, and we’re excited to share some of our favourite videos with you.

Emily Wilson is a Catholic musician and speaker, and also has a popular Youtube channel where she covers a range of topics in an insightful, fresh and relevant way. Her videos often approach angles of chastity that are hot topics, but which are not often addressed, discussing life as a Catholic young woman, with the aim of helping and supporting other young women.

Her content is always at one with the teaching of the Catholic Church, and coupled with her warm and humorous style, they make excellent resources for discussions about chastity and dating, by someone who has recently been there themselves. More than that however, she offers real solidarity and direction for those who may feel lost, hurt and bewildered in trying to navigate a life of faith in a secular world. While being a young Catholic- and yes- I will add- being a Catholic at all at times!- can feel like the loneliest thing in the world, Emily’s enthusiastic encouragement and nurturing approach in her videos shows a positive factor of the internet, namely, its ability to bring isolated people together.

If you haven’t heard of Emily already, we definitely recommend that you check her videos out, and so to start you off, we’re sharing our top 8 favorites. Don’t miss out on number 6: “What No One is Saying About Saving Yourself for Marriage”, in which Emily addresses her personal story of virginity, and chastity before marriage. 

1. What Can Happen If You’ve Ever Been Labeled the “Good Girl”.

2. Setting Boundaries in a Relationship

3. The Thing I Could’t Stand About Modesty Talks

4. Does God Want Me to Be Happy?

5. How Do You Travel With a BF/GF if You’re Living Chastely?

6. What No One Is Saying About Saving Yourself for Marriage

7. Where Are All the Good Guys Hiding?

8. Why Can’t Women Just Be Nice to Each Other?

Don’t forget that you can check out much, much more of Emily’s resources here on her Youtube Channel, and find out much more about her here on her website. 




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