UPDATED – 8 Catholic Olympians to Watch in Rio

by Evangelization

Pope Francis offered these words to the Olympians competing in Rio, “In a world thirsting for peace, tolerance, and reconciliation, I hope that the spirit of the Olympic Games inspires all – participants and spectators – to ‘fight the good fight’ and finish the race together.”  There are a handful of Catholic Olympians that are striving to do just that.  Although several Olympians attended Catholic schools (Katie Meili – swimming, Ellen Tomek – rowing, and many more), not all are outspoken about their beliefs.  The 8 athletes below have each made it a point to let the media know that their faith is something of value to them and an element of life that inspires them to greatness.

Let us remember, that though we can look to these athletes as examples, no person is perfect.  Our perfect example of how to live the faith is in Jesus. All others will sin and fall short (including ourselves!).

As you watch and cheer our teams to victory, will you join me in prayer for our Olympians and those attending? Not just those who are Catholic, but all who compete.  We pray for their safety and protection. We also pray that those who are Christians will be a light in the darkness and lead others to know the love of God through all of their actions.

8 Catholic Olympians

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