Catholic Gifts For Kids Christmas 2023

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If you’re shopping for Catholic kids this Christmas, this is the list for you! The children in your life will love these gifts and also grow in their faith because of them.

Catholic Children’s Gifts

  1. Mass Kit, Saint Dolls, Reusable Sticker Books, & Much More! | Shining Light Dolls

Visit Shining Light Dolls and use our link to get 10% off your purchase!

Shining Light Dolls was started just over ten years ago when our founder Chantal was shopping for gifts for her nephew’s baptism. As a “starving artist,” Chantal wanted something that was educational, affordable, beautiful and fun. She wanted her nephews to feel like Catholicism wasn’t just something that happened in that past- but was still relevant, exciting and most importantly- was for them. She wanted them to get excited about the faith the way they did about things like- toys! She realized what she wanted was Catholic play-based learning toys so she began creating these unique Catholic gifts herself.

2. Christmas Sweater Kids Socks | Sock Religious

This sock has several hidden gems that can be used as tools for evangelization this holiday season. Along the top, Christmas bulbs contain a single poinsettia. Historically, the poinsettia has been associated with Christmas and is given as a symbol of good will and community spirit. It also represents the star of Bethlehem with the red leaves echoing the blood of Christ. Throughout the sock there is also a repeating pattern of the Star of Bethlehem, a bright star that appeared in the Eastern sky and guided the Three Wisemen to the birthplace of Jesus. We hope that these socks guide you to a place of peace this Christmas.

3. Lovies, Pajamas, Crib Sheets (And So Much More!) | Caelesti Co. 

Catholic kids gifts

Caelesti Co.  offers so many beautiful and unique gifts for Catholic children and babies. All of their products listed are made from incredibly soft bamboo which is breathable and perfect for little ones with eczema as it is thermoregulating. All subscribers to their website will get 10% off their first order.

4. The Mass and the Manger: My Interactive Christmas Story by Jennifer Sharpe

This creative Christmas story is designed to guide children ages 6–10 in discovering the profound meaning of Christmas and its connection to the Mass. Beautiful text and pictures tell the story of the first Christmas while full-page flaps unfold a parallel story as a boy and his younger sister meet Jesus in the Eucharist at midnight Mass on Christmas. By interacting with the flaps, children will discover the parallels of the nativity story and the Mass, and enter deeper into Christmas. Featuring rhyming text, vibrant illustrations, and full-page, open-out flaps, this book helps parents make Christmas spiritually meaningful for children. Purchase HERE!

5. My Catholic Prayer Ring, Mass Ring, Alleluia Card Game, Pray By Sticker, And More! | Catholic Family Crate

Catholic gifts for kids
Catholic baptism gift

Visit Catholic Family Crate for fun and easy resources for raising a Catholic family. In addition to Catholic games, stickers, art, seasonal and monthly subscription boxes, they offer free downloads of useful seasonal printables.

6. A Miracle for Micah by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

catholic gifts for kids

The story of young Micah teaches children about the healing power of Jesus. With this story, children will discover our constant need for Jesus’ forgiveness, the healing power of divine mercy, and the importance of setting a good example. Through the story of Micah and the forgiveness that he receives from Jesus, parents and educators can show children what happens in the sacrament of Reconciliation and why forgiveness is so important. A Miracle for Micah is perfect for children ages 4–8 and those preparing for their first Reconciliation.

7. Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend by Melissa Kirking

Just like they learn any new skill, young Catholics need guidance when learning how to pray. Jesus and Me: Talking with My Greatest Friend provides children with a clear yet flexible blueprint for meaningful conversations with Our Lord—conversations that can develop into a lifelong relationship with Jesus. More than just a collection of prayers to recite, Jesus and Me provides children with eighty prayer options that offer sweet, simple, and reassuring guidance for learning how to pray. It helps them understand how and why they should pray to their divine friend, Jesus. Perfect for children ages 7–10.

8. St. Peter: Fisher of Men – Catholic Sensory Box | Gloria & Praise

Imagination meets faith…It’s the St. Peter Catholic Sensory Box™! As the first Pope and leader of the disciples, St. Peter had lots of adventures.  With this sensory box, imagination meets faith for playtime that ticks all the boxes. Many people have come to understand the importance of sensory play but many of the boxes on the market are just filled with trinkets.  That’s where the Catholic Sensory Box™ comes in!   Say goodbye to the mundane and welcome a creative way to bring a bit of fun and Catholic values to your children’s hearts. Use code CatholicLink for 10% off your purchase through December 31.

9. A Very Noisy Stable by Jan Godfrey

catholic kids books

The Story of the Nativity for kids—now with an added activity! The story of the birth of Jesus is retold for children in this colorful illustrated book that will be treasured for years to come. Youngsters will delight in the story of some noisy animals spending an evening in a stable with an extraordinary baby whose name was Jesus. This book is new and improved with an activity encouraging children to engage with the story so their love for the animals present at Jesus’ birth can help them better understand what Catholics celebrate on Christmas. Perfect for children ages 3–5. 

10. Mass ABCs Book | Defy Designs

Catholic preschool gift

These flip books with soft-touch laminated cards are perfect for little hands at Mass to find things around the Church! Each page contains a letter A-Z with a hand-drawn image to help your little ones recognize items and symbols in the Catholic Church. Each 4x4in book is professionally printed with soft-touch lamination, and bound together with a flexible plastic binder ring. Kid-tested and -approved for curious toddlers and slobbery babies alike. I can’t wait for your little one to have this book in their hands, and start to learn the beauty of the Church through this colorful, beautiful and age-appropriate book!

11. The Wise Men Who Found Christmas | Raymond Arroyo

In this thrilling, visual adventure capturing the wonder of the Christmas season, New York Times bestselling author Raymond Arroyo shares the true, hidden story of the mysterious Magi, who risked everything to discover the truth. Based on new historical evidence, The Wise Men Who Found Christmas is the miraculous, untold tale of three seekers who followed a star and found themselves in the middle of the greatest story ever told. Stunningly illustrated by Diane Le Feyer, this enchanting family keepsake is sure to become part of your Christmas tradition – and a reminder that chasing truth is often the greatest adventure of all.

12. Jonah and the Whale Bath Set | Saintly Heart

Turn bath time into holy play with our Jonah and the Whale Bath Set!  A well-known Old Testament story placed in little hands provides an opportunity to turn the ordinary task of bath time into an extraordinary adventure of faith. 

13. Name It Game | Holy Heroes

57 cards…57 Catholic objects and symbols…8 objects on each card…But only 1 object matches between any 2 cards … Wow!

To WIN: you match it … NAME-IT! … and claim it! Fast-paced Family Fun! And here’s the best part: Your children will learn the names and meanings of Catholic objects and gestures, awakening in them an appreciation for the wonder of our Catholic Faith in the joys all around us and especially in the church and at Holy Mass! Be warned, Mom & Dad: it’s the young ones that often can quickly spy the match–and blurt the NAME out first!

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