Catholic Actor Is Building The World’s Largest Statue Of Jesus For Mexico

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Eduardo Verastegui who you may recognize from films such as  Bella (2006)  and Little Boy (2015) is using his fame for good. He is currently in the process of creating the world’s tallest statue of Jesus! Mexican architect Fernando Romero is the designer behind this incredible work of art.

The“Christ of Peace” statue of Our Lord will be 252 feet (77 meters) tall.  (The current record is held by “Christ the King” statue in Poland at 172 feet.) The statue will be located in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. The presence of Christ in this city is intended to create a sense of “faith, love, hope, and peace” in a place that is often very dangerous. The arms of Jesus will be outstretched in order to welcome people. There are also plans to develop an area that will include a church, market, convention center and a hotel.

“I made a promise to God that I would never again use my talents for something that would offend my faith, family, or Latino culture. Faith became the center of my life for the first time.” – Eduardo Verastegui


Eduardo Verastegui Testimony

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