Apple v.s. Samsung, is technology neutral?

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Whenever we are making a presentation or giving a talk about an apostolic subject, video resources can be used in various ways. Some are rich in content and can be used as a centerpiece in our talk. Others, such as this video, can be used to capture the audience’s attention, to wake them up from their indifference with respect to the subject, and to encourage them to take an active role in the reflection.

In rhetoric, the language used in order to capture the goodwill of the audience at the beginning of a speech or appeal is called the “captatio benevolentiae“. For this reason we have decided to call Captatio a genre of videos that, without being fundamental to the discourse, aid us in introducing and/or captivating the audience’s attention.


Today’s video is an excellent example of a Captatio for a dialogue about the supposed neutrality of technology in the life of the human person. Although the production has a rather simple and superficial message, it can nevertheless   serve as a conversation starter and be a good starting point for your presentation.

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