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Michael Stark is the Executive Producer of the Truth & Life Bible.  The Truth and Life Catholic Bible App is a free download that has taken the award winning Truth & Life Dramatized New Testament audio and synchronized it at verse level to the RSV-CE Bible text. This audio brings the word of God to life in this 22-hour audio production, complete with movie-quality sound effects and an original music score. This  audio New Testament is endorsed with an Imprimatur from the Vatican and includes a foreword by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Voiced by renowned actors including: Neal McDonough, Stacy Keach, Kristen Bell, Sean Astin, Michael York, Blair Underwood, Malcolm McDowell, Brian Cox, Julia Ormond, John Rhys-Davies and many more.

1)  I wanted to start off with a question about your personal involvement with Sacred Scripture. How has Scripture played an important role in your prayer life?  Has it always been that way?

Over the last 5 years I have grown in the sacred scripture immensely. I have always loved the Lord and been faithful to the Catholic Church. Growing up, it just seemed to be something that was there, but I wasn’t really dialed into it. I glossed over CCD and the Mass as a kid. I took it more seriously after getting married and having my daughter. Now I go to daily Mass and pray the Rosary 4 times a day.

2) Why do you think the daily reading of Scripture is such an important part in the life of a Catholic?

I post the daily Gospel on my Facebook page everyday. People can’t wait for me to post it. Some people in Europe have asked me to post it before I go to bed the night before, because when I wake up in Chicago, their day is half over. It’s VERY important to have daily contact with GOD! We need to know what he is saying to us. If we are out of touch, we are lost, in every way! To me it seems as if Protestants are much more focused on the Bible than us Catholics. That is a shame, because Catholics wrote the book.

3) Could you talk about the Truth and Life Bible?  How did it come about?

The Truth & Life Audio Bible came about when my best friend and business partner Carl Amari went over to Rome to visit his friend Jim Caviezel during the filming of The Passion. They discussed the idea of creating an audio Bible. Carl has been in the audio production business since he fell in love with the old radio shows from the 30’s and 40’s in high school. He actually bought the rights to the old shows and re-mastered them for radio shows and CDs for a new audience today. Nobody would fund a Catholic Audio Bible, so he asked me. I thought we Catholics could use some “New Evangelization”, so I said yes. I am adopted out of a Catholic orphanage, so I thought I should give back. I am so glad we made T&L because it is truly changing lives and bringing people to the Bible in a whole new way. Remember, scripture was originally spoken. It took several hundred years before printing was invented.

4) What are some of the features of the Truth & Life Bible and App?

Key Features in the app:

–  Complete text of RSV-CE synchronized with audio for the New Testament.

– FREE audio of St. Mark’s Gospel (The remaining 20 hours is available for just $19.99)

– An amazing search tool, which gives you a concordance for any word or phrase you select.

– Direct, instant access to any Bible verse, so you can hear and see the text instantly.

– Footnotes for the underlined words and people in the context.

– A built-in playlist to listen to the whole New Testament in just for 40 days or in Chronological order.

– Create your own playlist of verses.

– Remembers where you left off.

– Sleep timer

– Airplay support

– Support for headphone pause and play buttons

– Room to fit an entire 22 hours of audio on your iPhone/iPad

– The Daily Mass Readings

5) For someone who might be content with their standard printed Bible, how would you encourage them to try out something like the Truth & Life Bible?

It was said by My good friend Archbishop Listecki (Milwaukee) “The Truth & Life Audio Bible puts you among Jesus and the apostles. It is as if you were following them around with a boom microphone. The music and sound effects take you right into the scene.” Many have told me they feel like they know Jesus because they are used to hearing his voice, instead of reading. Everyone who listens has a completely different picture in their minds. But everyone is definitely in a very good place. With the app. you can do both. The text is highlighted as the audio progresses. Romans 10:17 So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes by the preaching of Christ. Saint John Paul II said “The question confronting the Church today is not any longer whether the man in the street can grasp a religious message, but how to employ the communications media so as to let him have the full impact of the Gospel message.” I think T&L follows his suggestion quite well.

6) How can one get started with the Truth & Life Bible App?  What do you need and what are the costs?

You can download the content for FREE, including the audio and Ignatius Study Bible contents in Mark’s Gospel. The additional 20 hours of audio and Ignatius Study Bible content is $19.99 each, or combined for $29.99 on up to 5 devices. The main goal is to share the Bible with everyone. In the future we hope to make a Spanish version. Please share this. The sooner we recover our costs, the sooner we can start making the Spanish version.

7) Could you share with my audience your favorite verse or passage from Scripture?

Luke 4:24 And he said, “Truly, I say to you, no prophet is acceptable in his own country.” I have met so much apathy & ignorance when it comes to sharing the Truth & Life Bible with Catholics. I thought it would be loved by everyone. You can listen instead of reading. A FREE app., still many could care less. I believe the trend is changing, hopefully sooner than later.

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