The Best Marriage Advice From Couples Who’ve Been Married 50+ Years!

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Some of the couples on this list have been married for over seventy years! We can certainly learn from the invaluable advice and insight they have to share. Take a few moments to watch their videos and learn from the wisdom of those who have had years of experience in a loving, committed married relationship.

If you really want to make the most of the lessons that can be learned from these inspiring couples, plan a date night with your spouse to watch and discuss the videos.

“The love of husband and wife is the forge that welds society together.” – St. John Chrysostom

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Questions for Discussion

  1. What advice is most frequently mentioned in the videos?
  2. What do you notice about how the couples interact with one another?
  3. What is one area of your marriage you and your spouse need to work on?
  4. What is one area of your marriage that you and your spouse are strong in?
  5. What role should faith play in a marriage?
  6. Do you and your spouse pray together? If not, how can you start?

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