A Poem About Christ’s Real Presence In The Eucharist

by Adoration, Eucharist

What but as bread, This appears to be
Is You, Lord, it’s truly Thee
It is You, Lord, I now receive
This is true, not just because I believe

My belief cannot create
Can’t sew a seed, give man a mate
Can’t fashion out of dust
One who knows You, merciful and just

Alone, I am capable of but sin
Despite this belief I hold within
No, my belief doth not make You to be
Nor do You exist because You, I see

To You alone this glory belongs
To be praised in all earthly songs
It is You Who instills this Faith in me
You, Who inspires my will to believe

– Danielle Erwin

Danielle Erwin is a Catholic wife, a homeschooling mother of 5, and she loves writing poetry whenever the Holy Spirit inspires her! She has published her poetry through the Blessed is She blog, as well as published a book of poetry she wrote after her miscarriages and a book of poetry on the Faith.

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Image: Photo by Sylvain Brison on Unsplash

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