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After growing up and attending school in the midwest, Samantha flew south for the winter to Austin, TX. She landed her dream job of serving with middle schoolers at a parish and, nearly six years later, she has not looked back. Her educational background includes undergraduate and graduate degrees in Catechetics (concentration in Youth Ministry) and Theology (concentration in Apologetics) with a side/minor of Mental Health and Human Services. She enjoys deep dish pizza, volleyball, laying on soft grass in 70-degree weather, and the smell of unfinished basements.

Do You Recognize The Voice Of The Good Shepherd?
Faith & Life

Do You Recognize The Voice Of The Good Shepherd?

Sometimes I think Jesus gives us too much credit. This past Sunday’s Gospel reading, on what is often known as…

Whole 30 Covid-19 Catholic
Faith & Life

What COVID-19 And Whole 30 Have In Common

As we move beyond our time of sheltering in place, how are we going to make the most of these…

Catholic Middle School Ministry Resources

Faith Resources For Middle Schoolers

For the sake of #socialdistancing and #flattenthecurve, take a look below at some resources to help foster your domestic church. This…

middle school ministry Catholic

Talking To Your Middle Schooler About The Faith

I got to visit with a friend and my godson this past week. Since I last saw him two months…


A Conversation On Gender: Part 1 – Defining Our Terms

I think it is safe to say that we’ve all had conversations with people where both parties are clearly not…

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