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Rosanna Novia has experience as a marriage and family counselor, teen catechist, and young adult minister. She loves blogging and getting lost in fiction and poetry. With a passion for travel as well as spiritual sojourning, J.R.R. Tolkien's "Not all who wander are lost" is her life motto. Rosanna likes to write about how life as an ordinary thirty-something intersects with the Divine. She has a deep interest in the Theology of the Body. She's currently launching a new blog,

Sexuality and Chastity

Top 5 Myths About Catholic Virgins

Living a life of chastity is probably one of the most challenging calls of Catholic disciples today! There are so…

Sexuality and Chastity

Attention Catholic Guys: 5 Qualities that Catholic Ladies Will Love

Single Catholic guys, if you feel confused about how to stand out positively to the single Catholic ladies, don’t lose…

Love and Friendship

10 Things That Happen When You Commit to Chastity in Your Life

In the timeless Broadway classic “Les Miserables,” character Fantine wraps up Victor Hugo’s epic saga with one golden line: “To…