Cardinals, Bishops, Pope’s Comments On Civil Unions | Civil Unions

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Pope Francis recently named new cardinals, but not all of them are bishops…is that even allowed? Well actually, in the history of the Church, it’s not that uncommon. Fr. George explains the history of cardinals and what their function is today. We also learn about some little known details about bishops – blessings and palliums are among the topics discussed!

Finally, Fr. George discusses at length the Pope’s comments on civil unions and Church teaching regarding civil unions. Fr. George explains the timeline of events, the intricacies of the Spanish language, and Pope Francis’ history on this hot topic.

Join Fr. Elliott for this week’s episode of Ask a Priest. You’ll learn more about:

  • Pope Francis‘ recent comments about Civil Unions
  • Bishops – what they wear, blessings, and more!
  • Cardinals – what do they do and why *typically* bishops are appointed to this position.

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Check out this week’s video!

Ask A Priest |Cardinals, Bishops, Pope’s Comments On Civil Unions

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