Best of Advent: The Internet’s 3 Best Reflections On Advent (Week Two)

by Advent and Christmas

If you are a Catholic active on social media, you have probably noticed that many of your favorite Catholic websites are offering daily Advent reflections.  

How do you decide what to read or watch when there are so many wonderful options?  Catholic Link to the rescue.  Each Friday of Advent we will feature our three favorite Advent reflections from the week. We hope to give you a sample of all of the best Advent material available.  

Reflections for the Second Week of Advent:

1.  “Forgive Offenses Willingly” from  with Fr. Mike Schmitz


In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz explains more about what mercy really is and how we can forgive others willingly.   He gives a practical three-step process on how to truly forgive those who have hurt you and gently reminds us that “Forgiveness isn’t an event, it is a process.”

2.  “Slow My Anger” from Blessed Is She  with Jenny Uebbing


Beautiful words from Jenny Uebbing as she offers insight from her experience as a mother.  She reminds us to pause and invite God in to our relationships before we explode in angry outbursts.   Those times when we are at our weakest and nearing the breaking point are the times that God can come in and intervene providing peace and words we never thought possible.

3. “Joy” from Christ is the Answer with Fr. John Riccardo


In this audio homily (available free on iTunes) Fr. John Riccardo gives tips on finding real joy this Advent.  He offers insight about some of the emotions of Jesus and uses references from the Catechism to help us grow in our “sharing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus”.  This reflection is longer than the others, but if you have time it is well worth listening to. You can find a direct linking to this teaching here.

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Road to Peace

Check back next week for more Advent resources. Did we miss your favorite Advent reflection? Share the link in the comments.

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