Advent During The Pandemic

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It is not news to anyone that 2020 has brought its share of challenges to the world!  The stress, the fear of the unknown of tomorrow, and the general unrest in our society is palpable to say the least.  But we as Catholics have an amazing gift, the gift of our Faith.  It allows us to find peace in the midst of chaos. 

We find ourselves entering the beginning of Advent, a beautiful liturgical season in our Church, but this year nothing seems familiar.  The liturgies we love at Church, the gatherings, the Christmas preparation all are different this year…or simply not there at all.   So how can you live Advent well with your family this year, even during a pandemic?

Advent is a beautiful season, a time of waiting, a time to prepare yourself for the birth of our Lord!  This year we are living Advent differently because we are all at home, and the world around us has slowed down dramatically or even shut down.  The challenge now is to live this season with joy, hopefulness, and gratitude even when so much that we love about Advent is gone.  

When you keep the real reason for Advent on the forefront of your mind and heart, it can be simple to live Advent through a pandemic.  It is a time of waiting, a time to prepare, a time to grow as a family in faith and love knowing there is a BEAUTIFUL gift at the end, the gift of Jesus.  

Here are some simple ways to live the season of Advent well.

3 Simple Ways To Live Advent Well

  1. Make an Advent wreath out of greenery you find in your yard.  Each night say a simple prayer of thanksgiving, allowing your hearts to be open to receiving Jesus at Christmas!
  1. Make a soft bed for Jesus!  Place a small empty basket or manger on your kitchen table.  Each day make small sacrifices for your family, and live each moment with intention.  When you do, place a small piece of paper or a piece of straw in your manger, making a soft bed for our King! 
  2. Bless your Christmas tree to help remind the family why you are preparing your home and hearts.  All you need is Holy water, your tree, and your family!  A parent can lead the blessing, and the rest of the family join in with the responses!  

Parent: Heavenly Father, we want to thank you for sending us your Son, Jesus. We would like to remember you in a special way this year. Everything we do to prepare for Christmas will remind us of your great gift to us.

The response is: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#1: We offer you the gift of this tree, Jesus. We have decorated it for you and present it to you with love.

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#2: It is green to remind us that you have given us everlasting life.

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#3: It points toward heaven to remind us of our desire to be with you.

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#4: It is decorated with Christmas ball ornaments to remind us of your gift of the earth.

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#5: It is decorated with candy canes to remind us of the shepherds who witnessed your birth.

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#6: It has a star to remind us of the star of Bethlehem.

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

#7: It shines with lights because you are the light of the world. (Turn on the lights.)

Response: Prepare our hearts for you, Lord.

Parent: (Sprinkle the tree with holy water.) Please bless this tree and everyone who will enjoy the beauty it brings this Christmas. Please bless our family (parish, school), and help us look for you in everything we do this season. In Jesus’ name,

Response: Amen.

So, even though 2020 has thrown a lot of us for a loop, living Advent through a pandemic is not only possible, but it can be a beautiful, amazing, family-bonding experience.  Remember the gift that is awaiting you, Jesus.  Allow your eyes to stay fixed on Him, coming to the world as a fragile baby out of love for you.   Keep your head high.  This Advent, we are waiting together with our families, and it will be our best Advent ever! 

To find out more ways to live your Faith and grow in love of Jesus, visit My Prayer Corner at  or on Facebook @MyPrayerCorner and  Instagram @PrayActGrow 

Photo by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

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