Actor David Henrie Married to Catholic, Pro-Life, Chastity Speaker Maria Cahill

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Update – David Henrie married Maria Cahill on April 21st, 2017! Enjoy reading the story of their engagement!

We don’t do much celebrity gossip reporting here at Catholic-Link, but here’s one love story worth covering. David Henrie has been a familiar face to many young adults since his days on “Wizards of Waverly Place” with co-star Selena Gomez. What many don’t know is that Henrie had a life-changing experience through his role in the movie Little Boy which was released in 2015. It was during the filming for this movie that he was awakened to the importance of his Catholic faith.

Henrie quickly became an advocate for virtue and moral values. He began speaking at Catholic youth events and it was at one such event that he first met Maria Cahill. Maria, former Miss Delaware, comes from a family of seven children and is, herself, a devout Catholic. She speaks on pro-life issues, chastity, and modesty.

The couple recently shared that they became engaged in October and will be married in April. You can find the full story of their engagement here. Notice that after a day spent on the waters of Catalina, Henrie flew Cahill to Mission San Juan Capistrano in order to propose to her. Henrie then had both of their families ready to surprise his fiancée at a nearby location to celebrate their engagement. It’s obvious that both faith and family are very important to this young couple.

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The romantic story of their engagement has caught the attention of MTVSeventeen Magazine, and many other popular celebrity gossip news sources. We can only pray that the virtues and values both Henrie and Cahill promote will be noticed by the secular audience as well.

It’s no easy task to be an example of faith in the public eye, so let’s keep David Henrie and Maria Cahill in our prayers as they prepare for marriage and life together. May the example of their love for God and one another lead others to Christ.

Purity Talk from Maria Cahill

“I just find virtue so much more attractive in a woman than the flesh or just physical attributes. I mean, do you want a husband one day? Do you want a husband who’s temperate, modest and respectable? You’d probably list all of these as virtues that you’d want in a man. If that’s the case, why are you dressing to attract the wolves?”

– David Henrie in an interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine

Update – They are married! Congrats to David and Maria!

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