A Christmas Story: A great video reminds us of the “why” behind Advent!

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“Let us go to the house of the Lord!”. These words … clearly express the feelings that fill our hearts during Advent. The reason why we can go ahead joyfully, as the Apostle Paul has exhorted us, lies in the fact that our salvation is now at hand. The Lord is coming 

With this knowledge we set out on the journey of Advent, preparing ourselves to celebrate with faith the extraordinary event of the Lord’s birth. In the coming weeks, day after day the liturgy will offer for our reflection Old Testament texts that recall the lively, constant desire that kept alive in the Jewish people the expectation of the Messiah’s coming. Watchful in prayer, let us too seek to prepare our hearts to receive the Lord, who will come to show us his mercy and give us his salvation. (Benedict XVI)

What I most like about the video is its joy and simplicity. The kids have a gift for telling stories that both make us laugh and, at the same time, leave us asking, “Have they understood more what it’s all about than I have?”

It’s also a good example of how to creatively transmit the Christmas message. What can you do  to share the authentic meaning of Christmas? How can you involve friends and family in this project?

A few ideas of how to live out the Advent season:

1. Follow the writings and reflections of our Holy Father. I have found that his reflections on the symbols and meanings of the liturgy and the corresponding readings are especially illuminating.  Here you can find all his audiences, reflections for the Angelus, and homilies.

2. Buy and read the book Jesus of Nazareth III by Pope Emeritus Benedict. There, he offers truly exceptional reflections on the Advent and Christmas episodes of Jesus’ life.

3. Set aside some extra time for prayer: pray the rosary as a family, make a visit to the Holy Sacrament, choose an Advent novena, etc.

4. Perform acts of Mercy, Peace and Charity: find a way that you can serve and help other’s in need.

These are just a few. If you have any others please leave a comment below!

Finally, I encourage you all to share these videos! Let’s do everything we can to remind people what Christmas is all about. Feel free to check out our Facebook page as well, there we keep you up to date with all of our new posts along with thoughts and images for the season.

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