9 Images That Take The Confusion Out Of Identifying Religious Orders Of The Church

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Do you ever get confused by the many religious orders that the Catholic Church has?

Each individual order has their own particular character, or charism, attracting different people with the same common style of prayer, work and way of life. The religious orders are as rich and as varied as individual people are, meaning that there is a place for everyone called to religious life or simply seeking inspiration.

However, no matter their variations, the goal remains the same, to seek Christ and to lay down their lives for Him.

Here we share 9 infographics to help you identify and learn more about 9 of the main religious orders of the Catholic Church.

How To Identify 9 Religious Orders of the Catholic Church



religious orders the Franciscans St. Francis of Assisi


religious orders Carthusians St. Bruno of Cologne


religious orders Jesuits St. Ignatius of Loyola

Benedictinesreligious orders Benedictines ST. Benedict of Nursia


religious orders Salesians St. Francis de Sales

Missionaries of Charity

religious orders Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa


religious orders Dominicans St. Dominic


religious orders Augustinians St. Augustine


religious orders Carmelites

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