These 8 Keys To Prayer Will Change The Way You Pray

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Prayer is intended to be our way of communicating with God. It is a gift, yet sometimes it becomes a task, a burden, or a mundane part of our daily routine. We may also experience dry spells in our spiritual life and begin to feel disconnected from the God who loves us so deeply. And, many times, after a while we just completely give up trying to talk to God.

If any of those things describe how you feel about prayer, I urge you to give it another try.

Start with just a few minutes as you begin your day and build from there. Find a prayer style that works for you. Some of us prefer just talking to God as we would a friend, yet others find it better to pray a rosary. Reading the Bible (especially the Psalms) can be a great way to lead us into prayer. These 8 Keys to Prayer will help you succeed in your goal. Don’t let this special gift slip away from you!

“Prayer is the light of the soul, giving us true knowledge of God. It is a link mediating between God and man. By prayer the soul is borne up to heaven and in a marvelous way embraces the Lord. This meeting is like that of an infant crying on its mother, and seeking the best of milk. The soul longs for its own needs and what it receives is better than anything to be seen in the world.

– St. John Chrysostom

8 Keys To Prayer

8 Keys to Prayer


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