5 Saints You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, But Should Get To Know

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There are a few Saints that most Catholics seem to love. St. John Paul II, St. Therese the Little Flower, St. Anthony are usually at the top of everyone’s list and with good reason! These Saints are powerhouses of love, virtue, and holiness. Of course, I adore these Saints just like you do, but I thought it would be fun to get to know some of our lesser-known Saints on All Saints Day. Enjoy this list and let me know who your favorite saint is!

  1. St. Richard Pampuri
Saint Riccardo Pampuri
Pray that neither self-indulgence nor pride, nor any other evil passion, prevent me from seeing in my patients Jesus who suffers, and from healing and comforting Him.  – St. Richard Pampuri

2. St. Mary Mackillop

St. Mary Mackillop
“Do all you can with the means at your disposal and calmly leave the rest to God.” – St. Mary Mackillop

3. St. Marianne Cope

St. Marianne Cope
“Let us make the very best use of the precious moments and do all in our power for His dear sake and for His greater honor and glory.” – St. Marianne

4. St. Arnold Janssen

St. Arnold Janssen
“The Lord challenges our faith to do something new, precisely when so many things are collapsing in the Church.” – St. Arnold Janssen

5. Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows C.P

St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows - Lesser Known Saints
“Love Mary!… She is loveable, faithful, constant. She will never let herself be outdone in love, but will ever remain supreme. If you are in danger, she will hasten to free you. If you are troubled, she will console you. If you are sick, she will bring you relief. If you are in need, she will help you. She does not look to see what kind of person you have been. She simply comes to a heart that wants to love her. She comes quickly and opens her merciful heart to you, embraces you and consoles and serves you.” – St. Gabriel

What Saint Do You Want Us To Learn About? Leave Your Suggestion In The Comments!

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