One of the joys of the Catholic faith is the celebration of feast days! There are so many to choose from, each with their own traditions and unique foods.

Yet, if you’re not a “Pinterest Perfect” type of person, feast days can present a problem. The pressure to create an unforgettable menu and an extravagant craft for the kids to do can make you want to run and hide.

How can you make the celebration of feast days manageable for your family? Today we have three tips to make it just a little bit easier on you.

3 Tips To Make Celebrating Feast Days Easier

  1. Ask the experts – There’s no reason for you to spend hours researching traditional foods and activities for feast days. Some of the experts in the field have done the work for you. The Catholic All Year Compendium, Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family, or Theology of Home: Finding the Eternal in the Everyday are all excellent places to start. If you have children, Catholic Icing offers a great selection of crafts and simple food suggestions.
  2. Let Someone Else Do The Shopping – Feast Day is a Catholic small business that opened in 2018 with a mission to make liturgical living something that everyone could easily incorporate into their busy lives. Think of it as a pilgrimage in a grocery bag shipped directly to your door! There is an option for a monthly subscription box, but one-time purchase boxes are also available. Every box includes: 3 delicious food items traditional to 3 feasts observed within the month, a unique devotional item that connects you to a feast or season observed in that month, a prayer card for one of the feasts, and a list of items with scannable QR code that links to prayers, indulgence opportunities, and descriptions of each item’s significance. I was able to give the November Feast Day box a try with my family and I am beyond impressed with the quality of the contents. My kids were so excited to get in the kitchen and give these treats a try that the hardest part has been waiting for the actual feast days to arrive! I couldn’t ask for a better way to get my family excited about the Church calendar. Take a look at all that was included in this month’s grocery bag.

3. Start Small – John Hart, founder of Feast Day, gives this advice, “Those who want to start living liturgically should start small. If you want it to become a new way of life, you need to grow into it. Start with one feast you want to celebrate in the year. If that feast is still a long way off and you’re eager to get started, choose one within the next month and plan to attend Mass on that day.  If there aren’t any foods that are particularly traditional for that day, make a big meal with something that is in season.”

The last day to subscribe for the December Feast Day box is November 13th! Don’t miss out. Sign-up today and be more connected to the feasts and seasons of the Church, it’s ancient traditions, and other Catholics around the world with delicious foods and unique devotions that 2,000 years of Christendom has given us.  

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