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My name is Madeleine Hamm, originally from Northern Virginia, I am now finishing my studies in International Communications and Media at the Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands.

For my graduate thesis, I am investigating what millennial Catholics are looking for in a Catholic blog. These days, blogs are no longer just text-based websites. Because the media landscape is evolving so rapidly, blogging has taken on new shapes. Today a blog can take the form of an Instagram caption, a vlog, and even a podcast. 

This research looks at how millennials view Catholic media, by examining what online platforms they spend the most time on, what visual aesthetics are most appealing, and what type of content do they want to see. The overall goal of this thesis is to create a toolbox for future Catholic creators to use in making their own blogs.

By knowing how Catholic Millenials view Catholic media online, not only will we understand how to create our own blogs, but the Church will gain insight on how to better communicate with this generation.

Please consider filling out this survey to help with my studies, it’s reserved for Millenials between the ages of 23-30 who regularly follow online Catholic media.

Please take my survey here –>

Let’s stay united in prayer as we continue to learn how to live our faith in this new digital era! 

Bl. Carlo Acutis, pray for us 💻

Image: Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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