Free Online Conference: “Motherhood Matters” On October 10th-14th

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As a mom, I truly know how hard it is to find time to meet with God on daily basis. Yearly retreats are even more difficult to fit in, but so necessary to help me grow in holiness and my vocation as a mother.  Last year, I took part in my first online retreat and I absolutely loved my experience with it.  I was able to listen to the talks and take the time to reflect on them when it was convenient for me (after the kids were in bed!).  

Tami Kiser (aka -Smart Martha) is hosting a free online conference for moms titled “Motherhood Matters”. You’ll be able to listen to talks from this list of amazing speakers such as Mike Aquilina, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Annie Deddens, and Rachel Balducci from the comfort of your own living room.  

Because Tami feels passionate about serving Moms, she has decided to make the retreat available FREE OF CHARGE!  It’s easy to sign-up and you will be able to watch the talks beginning October 10th.

Visit her website:

Find out more about the conference in this interview with founder and creator Tami Kaiser.

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself:
Gladly.  I am Tami Kiser, aka, Smart Martha in some circles because I am the author of Smart Martha’s Catholic Guide for Busy Moms and the founder of I live in Greenville, SC with her husband of 29 years.  I have 10 children:  8 boys and 2 girls ranging in age from 27 to 4. I also have 5 grandchildren. I run the Smart Martha ministry,, the, and teaches dance classes.  
What gave you the inspiration to do a project like this?
I was familiar with online webinars. And I also ran a mom’s ministry, called Smart Martha, where I traveled to parishes and held one-day seminars.   I blended all these concepts together and came up with this idea.  I consecrated the whole thing to Mary, and this is where we are today. I understand the need for moms to be encouraged in their vocation and faith.  
I also understand how difficult that can be to fit into busy schedules.  This conference with the focus on Mercy is the perfect solution.  It’s even better if moms can find other moms to share it within a parish mom’s meeting, or at a friend’s home while kids play.  And if that’s not possible, then part of an early morning quiet time or a treadmill run at the gym.  The conference has the flexibility that moms need along with the great messages moms need to hear.
Is there a cost? 
No, this conference will be made available free of charge!!

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