These 18 Celebrities Had the Chance to Meet the Pope

by Evangelization, Pope Francis

It has always been a common practice for the Pope to meet with world leaders such as politicians and religious figures, but Pope Francis seems to have made a commitment to including celebrities and athletes on his busy meeting agenda. Though I can only speculate on the reasons behind this, I don’t doubt it is part of Pope Francis’ dynamic method of connecting with the culture and evangelizing all people.

Many of these celebrities are visibly touched when they encounter Pope Francis. In these videos you can see the joy that spreads over their faces as they engage with the leader of our faith. Join me in praying that these meetings will resonate deep within the hearts of these men and women that so many people look up to and emulate.

It’s worth noting that after almost all of these meetings, Pope Francis asked each celebrity to pray for him. This speaks volumes about the humble heart of our Pope and his desire to serve God to the utmost of his ability.

These 18 Celebrities Had the Chance to Meet the Pope


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