10 Best Quotes About Family Life From The Popes

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“What can a Pope teach me about family and married life?”  This is a remark I frequently hear from those who have not read any of the Papal teachings on family.  Some of the most insightful advice and life changing words of wisdom on marriage have come to me through the hearts of our Church leaders. Though they have never been married themselves, the Holy Spirit empowers them with the gift of knowledge to understand marriage and family in very profound way.  If you’ve never taken the time to read what the Holy Fathers have said about the family, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Because we realize that those in the midst of the busy season of family life don’t often have the time it takes to read through an encyclical or research other Papal writings, we have selected a few of our favorite quotes on the family from the Popes.  Set some time aside to reflect on these and discuss them with your spouse and children.  A suggestion would be to print out the quotes and display them one at a time over the course of the next few weeks. The refrigerator or bathroom mirror are my favorite spots because I know that people are always hanging out there and will be sure to read them. (Click on each quote to enlarge and print individually.)  Take a few moments before or after dinner to talk about the quote you have posted for that day.  Even if your children are too young to understand, it is important for them to hear mom and dad discussing what the Church teaches about family life.

Don’t forget to share these 10 quotes about family life with those you love!

Did we miss one of your favorite quotes from a Pope on family life? Leave it in the comments below!

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