What Can Falling In “Love at First Sight” Teach Us About The Mass?

by Love and Relationships, Sexuality and Chastity, Value of Human Life

A look, a fleeting glance, when motivated by a love that is pure and authentic, can generate a remarkably strong attraction. The two are intimately linked: purity and attraction. Lose the first, and the second is weakened and emptied immeasurably.

This short film, directed by Arev Manoukian, can serve as an invitation to revise our “look” towards the one we love. Unfortunately, in our times, the purity of eye contact has been thoroughly contaminated. The glance is not looking at someone, rather looking for something. The eyes, what many have called the “windows of the soul,” have been transformed into mirrors of one’s own selfish desires.

Some are so confused about this that they believe a pure look is both unattractive and “un-attracted.” I believe the contrary to be true. The ability and decision to truly perceive the richness of the other person, for who he or she is, is able not only to generate attraction – I would say– but also to generate communion: a true sharing and participation in who the other person is.

Nuit Blanche

This deep embrace of identities, briefly achieved by the eyes’ encounter, is the first step towards an authentic and lasting relationship of love. Such is the force of attraction, that both are able to push through any and all obstacles in their path, the puddles of discomfort and flaws are traversed, the personal relishes are released, the prisons of vanity are shattered, and the violent onrushes of unfaithfulness are withstood.

Such a look is a gift and the result of our response. Purity’s largest enemy comes not only from the outer temptations, but, above all, from the lack of inner conversion. The Lord, and only He, perceives His creatures in all their beauty and completeness. If we are to participate in such perception, we must draw close to Him and ask for and cooperate with His grace. For this, the sacrament of confession, the visits to the Holy Sacrament, and participation in Mass all become schools of perception: there, we discover how the Lord looks upon us and teaches us to do the same.

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