The fact that this music video has 22,000,000 visits speaks of its caliber. Chris Medina (singer) released this song the day after his elimination on American Idol. It voices the trauma suffered by his fiancée, who suffered a brain injury as the result of a car accident, and his decision to stay by her side when she needed him most.

Watching the video, for me, is like a breath of fresh air. Too many music videos today preach a gospel of egoism, sensuality, and fame. It reminds me of the beauty and power of one person’s example of loving without conditions, contracts, disclaimers and elaborated prenuptial agreements. ¨…let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’¨(Mathew 5, 37). Perhaps what our generation most needs are radical testimonies of faithfulness.

Going beyond the scenario of marriage, the video provides a good moment to ask, “How many people are alone right now?” Who have we said, “Yes” to and yet later abandoned when things became more difficult?  How many are being “stored away” in nursing homes, hospitals, orphanages? Are we leaving these people when they need us the most? Do we understand that there, precisely in those places and times of suffering and fragility–if we are willing to take the chance–we will find a countless number of hidden treasures, those pearls of great price that so few discover? These are the riches that we discover by faith and claim by courage.

What Are Words | Chris Medina

As in many cases of our Christian life, the example of Mary and St. John, those who stood with Christ in both the good times and the bad, must be imitated in all our lives. As a young girl, Mary said, ¨Yes¨ to God. From that moment on, she never left His side.

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