Why Can’t Catholic Priests Get Married?

Father George explains both the theological and practical reasons why priests don’t get married. He also explains why the Catholic priest formation process is so long and why seminary is important.

If Christ was not married, then we choose not to be married because we want to be like him.

Fr. George Elliott

What Did The Saints Say About Priests Remaining Celibate?

The vow of celibacy is a matter of keeping one’s word to Christ and the Church. a duty and a proof of the priest’s inner maturity; it is the expression of his personal dignity.

-St. John Paul II

I think many, many priests are being called, even without their realizing it, to give themselves totally to the Lord. Yes, the world is in great need of priests, of holy priests, of priestly celibacy, for the world is in need of Christ. To doubt the value of one’s priesthood and one’s priestly celibacy in today’s world is to doubt the very value of Christ and his mission — for they are one. Christ’s mission is ours.

– St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Photo by Mélanie Villeneuve on Unsplash

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