Catholic Teaching On Relics

Join Father Rob Adams for a crash course on Catholic relics. From the intriguing origins of relics to the acquisition process, he unravels the complexities surrounding these sacred artifacts. Delving into the significance of relics for priests, the protocol for acquiring relics for altars, and the necessary documentation, Father Adams sheds light on the intricacies of this ancient tradition. Drawing inspiration from the Acts of the Apostles, he reveals the spiritual connection between individuals and their cherished possessions, emphasizing the sacramental nature of relics. Take a listen!

Is that really a Catholic relic?

What Is A Relic?

The word relics comes from the Latin reliquiae (the counterpart of the Greek leipsana) which already before the propagation of Christianity was used in its modern sense, viz., of some object, notably part of the body or clothes, remaining as a memorial of a departed saint. The veneration of relics, in fact, is to some extent a primitive instinct, and it is associated with many other religious systems besides that of Christianity.

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