Managing Anxiety Through Prayer As Catholics

How do Catholics overcome anxiety and find mental health healing? Catherine DiNuzzo, a Catholic counselor, sits down with Drew and Katie Taylor to discuss mental wellness for Catholics. They discuss the power of praying the rosary and its ability to help manage anxiety and fall asleep.

How To Manage Anxiety The Catholic Way – The Rosary!

Receiving Catholic counseling allows us to utilize the tools of our faith that are truly gifts from God for our healing. Wondering, how to manage anxiety as Catholics, how to overcome anxiety as Catholics, or how to overcome depression as Catholics? First, we lean into the grace of God, in the Sacraments, especially Confession. As well as learning to surrender our thoughts through prayer to weed through our thoughts and to examine them with the truth of Christ. This is how we take every thought captive. Meditation brings us to the present moment it helps us find a breathing rhythm, much like the rosary, which praying can truly help bring calm after experiencing an anxious response or when anxious thoughts overwhelm us at prayer or bedtime.

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