How To Live The Virtue Of Prudence

Fr. Gregory Pine of the Dominican Friars of the Province of St Joesph provides theological and practical insight on how to live out the virtue of prudence. He explains the virtues, especially the moral virtues or cardinal virtues. Father Pine provides great clarity to the question, of what prudence is and how to make decisions as Catholics utilizing the virtue of prudence.

How To Live The Virtue Of Prudence

Learn More About The Virtue Of Prudence From Fr. Gregory Pine

Decisions, decisions … life presents us with so many, big and small. How can we confidently make choices that bring us true happiness? The life of the virtues holds the key, and among those virtues, prudence holds the reins.

No, this isn’t your grandmother’s definition of prudence. This virtue actually inspires practical wisdom, allowing us to choose well and to bring order into our lives. In Prudence: Choose Confidently, Live Boldly, Fr. Gregory Pine, OP, aims to work prudence back into the conversation and to explain how it can transform us along our path toward what really matters.

In the face of fleeting emotions and conflicting convictions, learn how prudence will help you find wholeness, happiness, and freedom.