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What is the Catholic family rule of life? Drew and Katie Taylor discuss prioritizing God and prioritizing prayer as a busy Catholic family. It can be hard to find time to pray and learn how to pray as parents or how to pray as a couple when we transition into Catholic married life. Learning how to prioritize God in their life has transformed their marriage and Catholic parenting.

As Christian Youtubers, they hope to provide viewers with spiritual enrichment and provide the best Catholic marriage advice to help you develop a Catholic rule of life and find order in the joyful chaos of family life. If you want to learn how to put God first in your life even when you are busy and reflect on what your spiritual life looks like, Drew and Katie share practical ideas of how to pray and when to pray. They also discuss the spiritual formation and scheduling the Sacraments into your week.

Prioritizing God & Prayer: Catholic Family Rule of Life

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REFLECTION QUESTIONS from Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot

“What types of prayer practices do I think are reasonable for any Christian to do on “a daily basis?

What limitations or special circumstances do I or my family have?

Do my children interrupt what prayer I do now?

If so, how can I help prevent this? Can my husband or older children help me out?

When are there natural lulls in my day when I could arrange for the children to be occupied in a safe and healthful way so that I can pray?

Decide upon some basic time slots, no matter how short, to set aside for prayer. Which prayer practices do I want to schedule in which time slots? Which time slots do I want to leave free to choose a form of prayer spontaneously? Decide, and write everything down… Is there someplace I can pray without distraction? Can I create a prayer spot, with easy access to my Bible, Rosary, Catechism, and other prayer aids?… sometime today or tomorrow, set it up.

How often do I think is reasonable to get to Confession? When can I do this?

How often can I get to Mass? What about the children? What about spiritual direction? What about Spiritual formation, when will I listen/read these resources?

Now, beginning immediately with your next scheduled prayer sessions, drop everything else, and just start praying!”

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