Does My Child Need Counseling? A Catholic Perspective

Join us for an enlightening interview with Sister Josephine Garret of the Holy Family of Nazareth, a compassionate Catholic Counselor. In this engaging conversation, Sister Josephine delves into the crucial question: “Does my child need counseling?” Beyond this, she offers invaluable insights into the art of nurturing resilient and healthy children in today’s complex world.

Explore Sister Josephine’s wisdom as she shares her transformative guidance on raising children who thrive amidst life’s challenges. Discover her empowering strategies for Catholic parents to find hope and healing, all while sidestepping the pitfalls of shame.

In an era where the task of raising Catholic kids might seem daunting, Sister Josephine equips you with a toolbox of profound perspectives that speak hope into your family. Tune in to this uplifting interview with Katie and Drew.

Does My Child Need Counseling? A Catholic Perspective

The task of parenting is not to be perfect. The task of parenting is to be present.

Sr. Josephine Garrett

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