Understanding Infertility Awareness And Secondary Infertility

Infertility awareness is an important and growing cause, as an estimated one in eight couples struggle with infertility. It is about raising awareness of the issues surrounding infertility, and providing access to education, resources and support to those affected by it. It’s important to improve our catholic understanding of fertility issues, and work to reduce the stigma and negative attitudes that can be associated with infertility. Dr. Marie Meaney provides exceptional insight for us to learn from in this interview with Drew and Katie.

Advice From A Catholic Perspective For Those Struggling With Infertility

Learn More About Infertility From Dr. Meaney

When a couple faces infertility, the intense suffering can be hard to bear—and to convey to others. In When Expecting Doesn’t Happen, Dr. Marie Meaney offers hope and encouragement to couples and advice for those who wish to support them.

With firsthand knowledge, Meaney helps couples navigate the experience of infertility and unpacks Catholic teaching on reproductive technologies. Outlining which licit approaches can be taken and the “dead ends” offered by reproductive technologies which undermine the dignity of the couple and their potential children, When Expecting Doesn’t Happen contains both practical and spiritual wisdom to guide couples toward deep peace and authentic fulfillment.