How Catholic Parents Can Find Rest By Prioritizing Self-Care

If you have ever wondered how to take a sabbath as a parent? You are not alone as Catholic parents, it can be hard to prioritize self-care and loving yourself well in order to better care for others. In this video, we dive into how to develop a Catholic Rule of Life as Catholic married couples.

How To Find Rest As A Catholic Parent

Developing a Rule of Life is the key to communicating expectations and developing spiritual formation. However, we often don’t know how to develop a rule of life, especially as Catholic married couples. A religious Catholic rule of life can be modified to create a family rule of life. A rule of life for families makes intentional living easy and makes it possible to prioritize yourself as a Catholic parent. This Catholic marriage advice has been the key for the Taylor family to create order in the chaos of Catholic family life. This is how they have found the ability to prioritize self-care through a Catholic family schedule to move from serving to thriving as Catholic parents.

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