Catholic Music Spotlight: Luke Spehar Solace Interview

You might remember the name Luke Spehar from our extensive list that is a compilation of the best Catholic music we could find. Luke has a unique style that challenges the stereotypical view of Catholic music with his soulful and inspirational lyrics.

Drew and Katie had the opportunity to interview this incredible Catholic musician and learn more about his latest project.

Catholic Music Spotlight: Luke Spehar Solace Interview

Luke Spehar’s Background

Luke Spehar grew up in a small, rural community north of St. Paul, Minnesota, and found himself inspired by the simple, natural beauty of the outdoors. Drawing from these and other common human experiences like love, suffering, failures, and triumphs, Luke began writing songs at the age of 16 and composed all of the music on his debut album, Be still, before he graduated high school. He continued to write music throughout his college years, a time he devoted to discerning a potential call to the Catholic priesthood.  However, in  January 2015, Luke was called to the vocation of marriage. He and his wife, Elizabeth Yetzer, are currently expecting their second baby, but that hasn’t slowed Luke’s music career down. In fact, he has exciting news to share with his fans.

Enjoy This Wonderful Catholic Music

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