8 Tips For The Best Catholic Marriage

Drew and Katie Taylor discuss prioritizing your spouse in order to have the best Catholic marriage! The Taylors share how to create a Catholic Family Rule of Life and how to date your spouse even after you have kids and many years together. As Catholic parents, they dive into how to prioritize your spouse despite the busyness of life.

How To Prioritize Your Spouse In A Catholic Marriage

8 Ways To Love Your Spouse Better

1. Make The Choice To Love And Act On It

2. Spend Time Healing

3. Date Your Spouse

4. Grow Together as a Couple

5. Serve Each Other in Joy

6. Be a Gift Physically

7. Schedule Intentional Conversations Daily

8. Don’t Speak Against the Sacrament

Infographic: 3 Simple Ways to Build a Lasting Marriage
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Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

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