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Gospel reflection

3 Marks of an Authentic Disciple (Gospel Reflection)

Father Ian VanHeusen presents a gospel reflection and spiritual exercise on the Gospel reading from the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary…

Big Hero 6

Perseverance, Friendship, Study and Trust: Why You Should See “Big Hero 6”

We recommend this apostolic movie for families, CCD and youth groups. It’s clean fun, full of hopeful themes and relatable…

Walter Mitty

Recommended Apostolic Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Sometimes we think that our whole life has to be an endless adventure full of adrenaline and that, if it’s…


Gallery: Holy Spouses


Lent, time of asking for forgiveness

Catholic Faith

No, NFP is NOT “Catholic Birth Control”

If the pope had his own grocery store, the aisle labelled “family planning” wouldn’t contain pills or condoms or other…


Moana: An Example of Self-Knowledge and Selfless Heroism

Most of us are well versed in the typical Disney princess movie: Prince Charming, Damsel-in-distress, sleeping-spells, dragons, and evil witches….