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Becoming More Manly: Masculinity Series Part 3

Men, Manhood & Masculinity Over the next five articles, we will embark on a brief exploration of the complex and…


“Canvas of My Life” – A Journey From Wild Youth to Anchored Manhood

The following is a companion piece to Part 3 of our Masculinity Series, “Becoming More Manly.” The glory of God…


“The Lighthouse” – A Beautiful Animated Short About Fatherhood

I write this article on the first anniversary of my father´s death and first year in heaven. And it is…

15 Reasons Dads Are Awesome

15 Reasons Dads Are Awesome

Our culture places many pressures on fathers today. They must be strong, yet sensitive; hardworking, yet spend quality time with…


What makes a man strong? (Hint: we’re not talking about weights, wallets, or women)

While men are often presented by secular society as being either dumb, clumsy, absent-minded, lazy or authoritative and controlling, this…


25 Photos that Confirm that Being a Father is the 2nd Most Beautiful Thing in the World

I would ask that you take the title with a sense of humor as it is meant be. After recently…


Cheerios Ad that Portrays Dads as They Should Be

I wanted to share this Cheerios Ad because of its refreshing image of fatherhood. The whole cliché of the idiot-dad-that-can’t-do-anything-right-but-we-pity-him-and-laugh-anyway…


Maybe The Best Way Of Being A Father Is Learning To Be A Son First.

This video is one of a series that SoulPancake is developing that looks at what it means to be a father…

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