9 Daily Spiritual Practices For Catholics From St. Alphonsus

9 Daily Spiritual Practices For Catholics From St. Alphonsus

1) Short prayers immediately upon rising

2) At least 15 minutes of meditation each day

3) 15 minutes of spiritual reading each day

4) A daily examination of conscience (particularly considering the quality of our prayer)

5) To make a confession and take Holy Communion at least once per week

6) Avoid the near occasions of sin and bad company

7) Entrust yourself to the Blessed Virgin Mary

8) Pray to Our Savior to obtain His Holy Love

9) Daily ask for the grace of final perseverance

If we would completely rejoice the heart of God, let us strive in all things to conform ourselves to His divine will. Let us not only strive to conform ourselves, but also to unite ourselves to whatever dispositions God makes of us. Conformity signifies that we join our wills to the will of God. Uniformity means more. Uniformity means that we make one will of God’s will and our will. In this way we will only what God wills. God’s will alone is our will.

Saint Alphonsus Liguori
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Image: Photo by Goh Rhy Yan on Unsplash

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