A Christian Grammy-Winning Hip-Hop Artist You Should Be Listening To!

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When Lecrae released his album Anomaly back in 2014, he became the only artist in Billboard history to have the #1 spot in both Gospel Music and the top 200. It seems he is a master of being “in the world, but not of it”.  His music reaches both Christians and non-Christians with a powerful message and his powerful witness of repentance is leading many into a deeper relationship with Christ.

If you’re skeptical about his ability to outreach to the secular world, check out his Twitter and Instagram accounts, each with over 1 million followers, and his Facebook page with over 2 million fans, for proof that he is engaging the culture. He is recognized as a skilled rapper and talented artist by Rolling Stone,  MTV,  ESPN and many more.

Yet, as one of the biggest stars in the hip-hop industry, Lecrae does not shy away from sharing the Gospel and his faith. (Check out the video below in which he raps the Gospel in one minute.) In his free time, he is a mentor for several professional athletes and leads Bible studies for many teams. Lecrae doesn’t try to hide his past. He’s upfront and real about the child abuse he experienced, his involvement with drugs, abortion, and attempted suicide. In fact, this past May he published a book, Unashamed, that shares the story of his life and how he came to know the love of Jesus.

Lecrae Raps The Gospel

Lecrae’s story can be a powerful one to share with teens and youth. Not only because they have most likely heard his music (and love it!), but also because he teaches us many lessons through his life journey. Lecrae once lived a life of sin and pain, but through Christ, he is now living a life showing the love of God to millions.

“I’m not a Christian because I’m strong and have it all together. I’m a Christian because I’m weak and admit I need a Savior.” – Lecrae

Discussion Questions

1.) What can we learn about overcoming the sins of our past from Lecrae?

2.) What can we learn about evangelizing from Lecrae?

3.) What does it mean to be “in the world, but not of it” (Romans 12:2)?  Is your life too worldly? Or, do you err on the side of coming across to others as “preachy”?

4.) How do you think Lecrae has the courage to share the sins of his past so openly? Would you be willing to do the same?

5.) Why do you think people like Lecrae’s music? What do you like about it?

More Inspiring Music From Lecrae

Find more of Lecrae’s music here: http://www.lecrae.com

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