Start Your Catholic Dating Relationship In The Hands Of God

Start Your Catholic Dating Relationship In The Hands Of God

The best place to start a relationship is in the hands of God.

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Do you believe these Catholic online dating myths? It's time you changed your way of thinking. Great resources for dating Catholics.

It’s Time For Catholics To Stop Believing These 5 Myths About Online Dating

Online dating has never been more popular. In fact, the trend suggests that online dating may become the norm rather than a supplemental tactic.  A recent study showed 19% of internet users in the US said they were currently using an online dating app or platform. A further 27% of participants said they had used […]

catholic porn relationships

The Pains Of Porn And Love

He’s such a great guy, Ash – but I don’t know how to talk to him about, about. She paused searching carefully for her words. About, huff, you know!  Ah, I told my sister, searching everywhere in that airtight moment for some wise words, which of course weren’t mine to give as I was only […]

Catholic valentines quote love marriage

What Does It Mean To Have A Crucifixion Type Of Love For Your Wife?

This beautiful spoken-word piece titled “A Crucifixion Type Love” was written and performed by Brent Rice and, although (disclaimer) we don’t know much about Mr. Rice and his personal religious beliefs, there is no doubt that his poetry is stunning, passionate, and a piece of art that all can benefit from listening to. In this […]

Catholic dating advice chastity

3 Ways To Grow In Chastity Before Marriage

Chaste dating is no walk in the park, but it is possible. We’ve been in relationships in the past that were unchaste and ended very badly. When we started courting, we didn’t want to repeat the same habits from our past relationships, so we had to do things differently.  But even so, this was not […]

Catholic tips for praying together in marriage

Three Key Tips For Praying As A Couple

Have you ever thought, “Wow, I want to have a great marriage…how does that happen?” The answer is simple – prayer. Here are three simple ways to implement prayer in your relationship and form a strong, intimate relationship with your spouse. Schedule It This may seem simple, but if you are intentional about what time […]

catholic dating catholic qualities catholic relationships

Are We Falling In Love With A List Of Qualities Rather Than A Person?

I was 18 years old when I wrote my first ‘list.’ The ‘list’ was introduced to me by a friend of mine who wanted to know what kind of men I would like to date. She explained to me that ‘the list’ is a carefully thought out list of qualities that single people would like […]


Sick of the Dating Scene? Here are Some Surprising Reasons to Hope

This Disorientated Generation – Part 3 Isaac Withers was one of 300 hundred people who attended the Vatican Pre-Synod of Young People, speaking with Pope Francis on the issues that his generation and younger face. Inspired by this incredible trip he has written an eight-part series of articles highlighting these challenges and sharing how we, the Church, […]

Big Catholic families

A Big List Of Saints From Big Families

When I’m out and about running errands with my children, it’s inevitable that someone will comment on the size of my family. Are they all yours? Were you trying for the girl? My, you’ve got your hands full! And, my personal favorite, you do know how that happens, right? The thing that I find most amusing […]

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