Pray Until You Listen To God

Pray Until You Listen To God


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Christian Perfection

Christian Perfection

Christian perfection Related content: Be This Kind Of Christian! Infographic: 5 Things Every Christian Should Know The Secret To Christian Joy | Blessed Pier 5 Reasons Every Christian Should Exercise! 5 Christian Values For The Workplace Just Going To Church Doesn’t Make You A Christian, G.K. Chesterton The Christian Should Be An Alleluia From Head […]


“Not a Single Word is Lost During Prayer, If It Comes From the Heart”

Remember that not a single word is lost during prayer, if you say it from your heart; God hears each word, and weighs it in a balance. Sometimes it seems to us that our words only strike the air in vain, and sound as the voice of one crying in the wilderness. No, no; it […]

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More prayer Related content: Infographic: 5 Forms of Prayer “For Me Prayer Is A Surge Of The Heart” – St. Therese of Lisieux Prayer Is The Best Shield Against All Trials Prayer Is Our Relationship With God Top 5 Catholic Subscription Clubs Incredible Piano Concert On A Frozen Lake Is An Act Of Prayer 10 […]


Infographic: Ways to fit in prayer while traveling

This post is not an article, but a part of our gallery of images. You can share this image in your social media or you can click the “Download” button and send it to your friends. We only ask you to share it in its original version, without editing it. Happy evangelization! ? Related content: […]

Only Wonder Can Comprehend God’s Power

Only wonder can comprehend his incomprehensible power. Related content: Why Did God Give Us The Power Of Free Will? Pentecost isn’t a One Day Thing: How to Tap into the Power of the Holy Spirit This Week and Set the World on Fire! “When You Realize The Power Of Your Bible” | A Must Watch […]

The Difference Between Christian Mysticism, Buddhism and Hinduism

People who confuse the mysticism of Paul, Augustine, the Gregorys, Teresa and John with what oriental writers discuss have only a surface-level grasp of their subject. Related content: Pray Knowing That It Makes A Difference The Battery Of Every Christian Is Prayer What Is Mental Prayer | St. Teresa of Avila 5 Things Every Christian […]

Prayer Is The Best Shield Against All Trials | Catholic-Link

Prayer Is The Best Shield Against All Trials

Prayer Is The Best Shield Against All Trials More Catholic Prayer Resources ray Related content: Quotes On Prayer From Popes And Saints 4 Things To Do When Your Prayer Time Is Dry How To Use Your Rosary In The Battle Of Prayer Use The AIR Method To Breathe Life Into Your Prayer 5 Habits Of […]

Whenever You Feel Unloved, Remember The Cross! Catholic Holy Week Quote

Whenever You Feel Unloved, Remember The Cross!

Whenever You Feel Unloved, Remember The Cross!   More Holy Week Resources Related content: Carry Your Cross And Follow Me | Matthew 16:24 Apart From The Cross There Is No Other Ladder | St. Rose of Lima Quote Love Held Jesus To The Cross | The Cross Of Jesus: 5 Quotes From The Saints […]

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Dorthy Day’s Advent Advice

Dorthy Day’s Advent Advice In solitude Christ speaks to the heart, as a modest lover who embraces not His beloved before all the world.”In silence we hear so much that is beautiful. The other day I saw a young mother who said,...

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