Pray Until You Listen To God

Pray Until You Listen To God


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5 Effects of Baptism

The Amazing Effects Of Grace Of The Seven Sacraments

The Amazing Effects Of Grace Of The Seven Sacraments     More Resources On The Catholic Sacraments Related content: How To Explain The 7 Sacraments Without Boring Your Children The 7 Desires of Our Hearts That The 7 Sacraments Respond To 7 Secular Musicians Who Accidentally Stumbled On The Sacraments The 5 Effects […]

Lectio Divina How To

A Step-By-Step Guide To Not Read The Bible Like A Robot: Lectio Divina

Oftentimes our Wikipedia-mindset has taught us to read like robots. It’s one thing to read a text looking to obtain information, it’s another looking to undergo transformation. “Reading” the Bible isn’t meant to merely offer certain ideas or reflections, it is meant to be an encounter, through the Holy Spirit, with the living Word who is Jesus. […]

May Catholic Feast Days Mary

Place A Crown Of Roses On The Blessed Mother!

The word Rosary means “Crown of Roses” that is to say that every time people say the Rosary devoutly they place a crown of one hundred and fifty-three red roses and sixteen white roses upon the heads of Jesus and Mary. Being heavenly flowers these roses will never fade or lose their exquisite beauty. St. […]

Prayer Of St. Agatha, “Lord Jesus Christ, You Created Me”

Lord Jesus Christ, you created me, you watched over me from infancy,kept my body from defilement, preserved me from love of the world,made me able to withstand torture, and granted me the virtue of patiencein the midst of torments. – St. Agatha Related content: Grant Me, O Lord | St. Thomas Aquinas Prayer Every Flower […]

St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises

Looking For A Mountaintop Spiritual Experience? Dive Into St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises!

In the spiritual life, the term “mountaintop experience” refers to a glorious, monumental event in which one comes face to face with God, and through which, He reveals Himself to an individual in a new and powerful way. Think back to the story of the Transfiguration where Jesus showed His glory to Peter, James and […]

Catholic Epiphany Home Blessing And Prayer Service 2021

Epiphany Home Blessing And Prayer Service 2021

Blessing of the Home on the Feast of the Epiphany When all have gathered, a suitable song may be sung. The leader makes the sign of the cross, and all reply, “Amen.” The leader greets those present in the following words: Let us praise God, who fills our hearts and homes with peace. Blessed be […]

what is purgatory Catholic

Confused By Purgatory? Fr. Mike Schmitz Explains All!

Purgatory is one doctrine that gets a lot of criticism from non-Catholic Christians, and confuses Catholics too. What’s the deal with it?! Why do we need it, and where did it come from? This excellent video from Fr. Mike Schmitz at Ascension Presents cuts through the misconceptions surrounding Purgatory. He explains the purpose of Purgatory, shares […]

praying for the unborn prolife Catholic

How To Pray For The Unborn

Not only is January the start of a new year, but it is also the perfect month to remind us to pray for the unborn who are at the start of their new life, where we all began our own lives. Furthermore, the traditional devotion for January is the Holy Name of Jesus and His […]

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Have Mercy On Us And On The Whole World

Have Mercy On Us And On The Whole World

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the violence occurring throughout the world. We fervently pray for those who are grieving. “Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins...

May 13: A Day Of Fasting And Praying The Rosary

May 13: A Day Of Fasting And Praying The Rosary

“In the midst of current tensions, we invite Catholics around the country to join us in fasting and praying the Rosary on Friday, May 13, the Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima. Let us offer our prayers and fasting for these intentions: For our nation, for the integrity...