If You Aspire To Serve The Lord, Prepare Yourself For An Ordeal | Sirach 2:1

“My child, if you aspire to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for an ordeal” (Sirach 2:1)

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5 habits of people who pray catholic

5 Habits Of People Who Have A Good Prayer Life

Some of the most frequent questions we get at Catholic-Link are about prayer. Our readers want to know: How Do I Pray? When Should I Pray? What Can I Do To Improve My Prayer Life?   We have a library of resources for you on prayer to help answer those questions, but we wanted to […]

Free Catholic Bible study Advent

The Meaning Of Life Hangs On A Promise Already Kept | Catholic Bible Study

“Man is a rope stretched between the animals and the ‘overman’” ~ Nietzsche Anthony De Melo once asked, “What is the difference between a sinner and a saint?” Smiling, he responded, “None! They are both sinners; it’s just that the saint knows it.” We spend a great deal of our lives asleep, unaware of what […]

reading the bible catholic

9 Reasons Why “The Bible Is A Highly Dangerous Book!”

Pope Francis recently wrote the preface to the new Youth Bible. What he says is amazing, and we encourage you to read it in full. His words are challenging, insightful and encouraging. He speaks from his own experience of reading the Bible and exhorts us to remember Christians past and present who have gone to […]

Catholic Bible Study for the Solemnity of the birth of Saint John the Baptist,

How God Still Fulfills His Promises To Us Even When We Feel Useless And Hopeless

Catholic Bible Study for the Solemnity of the birth of Saint John the Baptist: Our lives are made of broken promises, promises that we make to ourselves and are unable to keep. And yet, somehow, these promises help us live because they spur us on and give us a goal. There are often forgotten promises […]

Smartphones Dumb Disciples MARK 4: 26-34

Do Smartphones Promote Dumb Disciples? Mark 4: 26-34

Groceries such as Whole Foods online are instantaneous. Gardens are not. Gardens are progressive. We scatter seeds and as we sleep they sprout and grow. Groceries market the obvious by deploying dye or colored lights to make produce more noticeable. Gardens do not. Most of us, as in Jesus’ day, know not how the land […]

Alexa Catholic

Is Amazon’s Alexa Catholic? 15 Alexa Skills That Make Us Think She Is

Well, when you ask Alexa if she’s Catholic, she will typically reply, “Sorry, I’m not sure,” but I have my suspicions that she might be Catholic. There was recently a hoax in which comedian Steve Crowder upset several conservative news outlets and Christians when he posted a video claiming that Alexa would respond to the question “Who […]

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared? A Catholic Bible Study On Mk 10: 2-16

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared? A Catholic Bible Study On Mk 10: 2-16

I recently saw Into the Wild, a film that came out in 2007 that tells the true story of a young man who, after graduating from college, left his family and his bourgeois world in search of happiness, thinking that he could find it in a state of total isolation from civilization. After a rather […]

Catholic life every day

11 Ways To Integrate Your Faith Into Your Everyday Life

I’ll be the first to admit that integrating the Catholic faith into my everyday life isn’t always easy.Okay, that’s an understatement. It’s far from easy. The number of things I have to do every daycan sometimes leave no room for God. Did I just say that?No room for God?Yikes. Ouch. This is one of those […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

Tools for the Mission | Liturgy Live 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week Fr Ian and Alanna discuss the connections within the Sunday readings. Ezra was a leader in the spiritual revival of Jerusalem after the time of Exile, Nehemiah was the governmental leader who came in and built up the protections for the people. Ezra was standing in front of the Water Gate, Christ is […]

15 Bible Stories Told With Lego

15 Bible Stories Told With Lego

How can playing with Legos serve God? I find it amazing when a person can take a talent that seemingly has nothing to do with God and find a way to use it to bring Him glory.Knowing the amount of time that it takes to create each of these scenes makes it even more inspiring […]


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