4 Promises Of God We Can Find In The Holy Scriptures


4 Promises Of God We Can Find In The Holy Scriptures

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5 Bible Verses To Write In Your Child’s Lunch Box

Every year, no matter how old my children get, I take a sharpie and write a bible verse on the inside of their lunch box. I prayerfully choose a verse that they will be able to read each day, with the goal of having it memorized by the end of the year. For the younger […]

Conscience Gospel reflection

Is Your Life Bearing Fruit? An Examination of Conscience

Are you bearing fruit? Seeing our own limitations, forming and examining our conscience, and connecting with God’s mercy is something that takes deliberate and intentional work, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and thanks to the insights of the saints who’ve gone before us. Father Ian VanHeusen presents an examination of conscience and spiritual exercises […]

Inauguration Day 2017

Donald Trump Will Use 2 Significant Bibles on Inauguration Day 2017

While it is not a requirement for a president-elect to use a Bible for the inaugural swearing-in ceremony, the majority of US presidents have chosen to do so. The Bible (or, in many cases Bibles) chosen has symbolic and personal meaning to the future President. The Word of God is typically opened to a verse […]

Catholic Spiritual Survival Tips

30 Things Catholics Need For Spiritual Survival

What Do Catholics Need For Spiritual Survival? A Crucifix in every room Rosary for every family member Pray the rosary daily Beeswax candles Holy Water frequently sprinkled and available for blessing St. Benedict medals worn and placed around one’s home and property, expecially over windows and doors The use of blessed salt Wearing of the […]

Hallow Catholic-Link Giveaway

Hallow Plus GIVEAWAY! Enter Here

You’re going to be hearing a lot about Hallow over the next few weeks. We’ve just launched a partnership with this revolutionary Catholic prayer and meditation app and we’re so excited to share how we’ve been growing spiritually because of it with you. Katie and Drew Taylor recently did a Facebook Live Question and Answer […]

Gospel reflection ST. Padre Pio Quote

The Weakness Of St. Peter: What He Teaches Us About Surrendering Our Fears

How do you deal with suffering? How do you learn to push through discomfort, fear and anxiety for the sake of Jesus Christ? At some point in life, we all must encounter fears, and some of them are too heavy to overcome alone. In Matthew 16:21, Peter balks at Jesus’ description of the suffering He […]

Gospel reflection Ascension Mission Mt. 28

How Can I Seek My Mission And Discover My Vocation?

In today’s Gospel reflection, Father Ian VanHeusen presents a spiritual exercise based on the readings for the Mass of Our Lord’s Ascension. St. Ignatius of Loyola explains, “By the term “Spiritual Exercises” is meant every method of examination of conscience, of meditation, of contemplation, of vocal and mental prayer, and of other spiritual activities. “For […]

These Bible Verses Will Help You Decide How To Spend Lent | Find more great Lent resources at Catholic-Link.org! 9 Points for Reflection To Help Us "Get" Lent

These Bible Verses Will Help You Decide How To Spend Lent

These Bible Verses Will Help You Decide How To Spend Lent Catholic-Link Lent Resources Related content: These 3 Essential Pillars Help Us Discover The Purpose Of Lent Infographic: The 3 Pillars of Lent Almsgiving, Fasting and Prayer 39 Things 18-39 Year-Olds Should Consider Giving Up For Lent 12 Pieces Of Advice That Revolutionized My Lent […]

Catholic Bible Study Free Drama

When Chaos Brings Fear And Anxiety|Catholic Bible Study

‘There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars; on earth nations in agony, bewildered by the turmoil of the ocean and its waves; men fainting away with terror and fear at what menaces the world, for the powers of heaven will be shaken. And then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with […]

How to Buy A Catholic Bible

What Catholics Should Look For When Buying A Bible

What is the Bible? Before we can really answer the question of which Bible to buy, we have to investigate a bigger question: “What is the Bible?” The Bible is more of a library than it is one book. It contains seventy-three books of various literary genres. In the Bible, there is history, romance, poetry, […]


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