5 Oscar Winning Movies You Need To See

5 Oscar-Winning Movies You Need To See



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Mother Teresa movie review Catholic

Mother Teresa: No Greater Love Movie Review

Drew and Katie Taylor provide a Catholic movie review of the new Saint Teresa of Calcutta documentary. The Catholic movie Mother Teresa: No Greater Love film produced by the Knights of Columbus provides an in-depth look at the founding and current work of the Missionaries of Charity. Twenty-five years have passed since the death of […]

Infographic: 5 Oscar winning movies you need to see Catholic Reviews

5 Oscar Winning Movies You Need To See

5 Oscar-Winning Movies You Need To See     More Movie Recommendations   Related content: Recommended Movies of 2017 Why Are Christian Movies So Bad…And What Can We Do About It? 3 Movies About the Existence of the Devil (Especially for Nonbelievers) This Year’s Oscar Candidates: Five Films of Interest to Catholics 7 Movies That […]

Barbie is one of the hottest films of the summer, can Catholics learn a life lesson from it? Are you Kenough? Where is your identity found?

Barbie, Identity, And Being Enough

Imagine a land where everything is pink, every night is girl’s night, and women hold all offices of power. This describes Barbieland, the place where all Barbies live: the stereotypical Barbies, the discontinued Barbies, all the Kens, and even Allan. This world may seem intriguing to some, but if you look deeper, it will leave […]

the noel diary catholic review

The Noel Diary: A Christmas Movie Worth Watching

Hallmark, Great American Channel, Lifetime, Hulu, Netflix, and many other companies and networks compete in the Christmas movie market.  Each year dozens upon dozens of new films are available for our viewing or streaming desire.  The pattern of these movies typically takes the following format: a person arrives in town, meets someone there, slowly they […]

James The Less is a new web series from EWTN. Join Katie and Drew for a Catholic review of this series. Enjoy their reaction!

New EWTN Series “James The Less” Catholic Review

Join Drew and Katie Taylor as they react to the highlights of James the Less, the EWTN web series. James The Less EWTN Reaction And Review Atheist James Little, fresh out of college and desperate to find work, encounters the strange new world of Catholicism when he takes a job as a handyman at St. […]

teen saints st. jose

Today’s Teens Need The Saints More Than Ever

A lot happens between the ages of 12 and 14. I call it the magical age, the ethereal age, the age of heroes and anything’s-possible. We’ve all passed through that moment. For some of us it was just another year, for others it was the turning point that made every subsequent moment in their lives […]

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Prayer For The Unborn

Prayer For The Unborn

Pray for the Unborn Please God you may continue, closely united with one another, to be a force of renewal and hope in our society. May the Lord help you to work ceaselessly to enable all, believers and non-believers alike, to understand that protection of human life...

St. Maximilian Kolbe

St. Maximilian Kolbe

PRAYER TO ST. MAXIMILIAN KOLBE St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, most faithful son of St. Francis, the beggar of Assisi, inflamed with love for God you journeyed through life practicing heroic virtues and performing true apostolic deeds. Turn your gaze on us who honor you...

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