5 Oscar Winning Movies You Need To See

5 Oscar-Winning Movies You Need To See



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Don't panic, this is not an article trying to convince you to abandon social media, BUT it is about our approach social media as Catholics.

Using Social Media As A Catholic

This past weekend I watched The Social Dilemma with my husband, and I have since removed all social media apps from my phone (and totally deleted others). Now, don’t panic, this is not an article trying to convince you to abandon social media, we at Catholic-Link very much try to offer resources precisely through the […]

Teens encounter christ through miracles and healings

Documentary Shows Teens Miraculously Encountering God

Teens are hungry for God. They want to know what is true. They yearn to experience authentic encounters with the risen Lord. Many may have faith in their hearts, but are still trying to figure out what is real for themselves.  They need proof. They want to know that there is a God still active […]

Bourne Trilogy Catholic Review

5 Truths About Christian Life That The Bourne Trilogy Reminded Me Of

It’s true that movies about spies, shootings, and chases (like the Bourne Trilogy) have little to do with the faith. Nevertheless, it’s good to try to analyze if, at any part of the movie, there are any good elements worth rescuing. Not long ago, I watched for the first time the three movies (from the […]


Apostolic Movie Recommendation: Hugo (2011)

Hugo is an interesting and entertaining movie which offers many topics for discussion. Based on the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, the plot revolves around a boy, Hugo, and his search for answers following his father’s death. Hugo meets Georges Méliès, a real-life cinema pioneer and the central character in the film, […]

8beats catholic millennials

Millennial Catholics Are Revolutionizing Film With The “8BEATS” Project

Seventy of the top Catholic filmmakers throughout the US and Canada are coming together to create an 8-part anthology film exploring the Beatitudes and connecting one of the most beautiful teachings of Christ to the experience of human life. “The Church was once the great influencer of culture through talented artists, painters, sculptors, philosophers, and […]

Loki Catholic review

Loki Is The MCU’s Best-Ever Production

How would you describe a typical production from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)?  If we asked all of you that question, I’m sure the answer would be something along the lines of, “It’s action-packed and visually-entertaining, but it’s shallow and follows a familiar script.”  There are exceptions to this rule (Infinity War is a great example), but that […]

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