5 Oscar Winning Movies You Need To See

5 Oscar-Winning Movies You Need To See



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catholic movie review of the intern

6 Reasons Why You Should See “The Intern” and Use It In Your Apostolate

“The Intern” begins when a successful startup company dedicated to fashion and online retail sales decides to start a program for senior citizen interns.  Ben Whittaker (played by Robert De Niro) is a 70-year-old retiree and recent widower who signs up for the program to make use of his free time and is hired almost […]

7 Movies That Show What Mercy Means

7 Movies That Show What Mercy Means

  Watching movies can be a great way to identify themes that relate to our faith. Below I have compiled a list of films that relate to the theme of mercy.  I encourage you (even if you have seen them) to watch them as they may offer you guidance or suggestions on how you can […]

FULL OF GRACE movie Catholic review

Full Of Grace | Catholic Movie Review

Over the years, there have been many films about Mary. Most of them focus on Mary during the life of Jesus, or maybe one of her apparitions. Full of Grace covers a time period that is not frequently seen in films, taking place ten years after the resurrection of Jesus. It shows the life of […]


Apostolic Movie Recommendation: Hugo (2011)

Hugo is an interesting and entertaining movie which offers many topics for discussion. Based on the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, the plot revolves around a boy, Hugo, and his search for answers following his father’s death. Hugo meets Georges Méliès, a real-life cinema pioneer and the central character in the film, […]

Rosary YouTube 15 Minutes

Pray A 15 Minute Rosary Set To Space, AC Window, Jazz, FIREWORKS & More

Did you know that we are asked to pray the rosary every day during October? I’m so excited to share this resource with you during the month of the Holy Rosary. This is an incredible YouTube Channel and it is a great help for anyone who desires to pray the rosary more. I’ll admit, I […]

Regarding Henry

Regarding Henry (1991) Reminds Us of Life’s Essentials

Among the films starring Harrison Ford- best known for his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones – Regarding Henry (1991) is possibly one of his least well-known films. Directed by Mike Nichols and written by a young J.J. Abrams – later famous for producing Alias and Lost – the movie, without great aspirations, offers interesting points […]

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